BBQ date=Sat Jan 15th roll call and info


Love vintage graphite!
I'm pretty sure I'm in. Don't know if this old dog can run with you fast dogs but I'll give it a try.
How 'bout a spiral cut ham with some fancy glazing and a big potato salad?

Lex Story

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I can run a rideshare for those of you near Issaquah/Samammish. Decker has one seat filled with two others open. You are more than welcome to ride with and talk crap.

Lex Story

Angler, Gastronomist, Artist, Jarhead, Geek
I must warn you however. The back/inside of my rig stinks like a musty float tube and I've given up on trying to remove said odor... at least that's what I tell my wife.


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I just might like to come. I went to a fly club Xmas party and some lady brought an awesome salad which I may attempt to dublicate... but no promises.... otherwise it's potato chips!


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Did you plan to post the location and address, driving directions, secret password/handshake, and other useful if not downright essential information for showing up?