Beach Watch

Hey folks,
I haven't wet a line in nearly a month now and I'm starting to go batty. Anyone have any suggestions regarding potential beaches to try for Sea Runs? I hear that North Hood Canal has some good places, but I'm at a loss as to the access points.

How about South Sound? Any public-access points that might produce?

Docs place under the narrows bridge can be good this time of year for 12 to 18 inch coho.If you go to morning hatch they
will give you directions if you ask where docs place is, they
can also point out a few good fly patterns to use.Good luck.
I'd try point no point or salisbury park, last year was one of the best prodecers for beach fishing in the area. theres a few more spots around there to try to, havent been up there yet this year. good chance at a shore bound blackmouth at point no point. funny that just dawned on me. dont go up in a northwind, in your face, southernly wind is protected. Ben