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    Everybody has their own favorite version of the G.P. and this is my favorite. Once again, this pattern was shown to me by a guide in B.C..

    This fly provides alot of action in the water and I especially like the bead head to get the fly down. I like the profile and the steelhead seem to like it too.

    Tail: Black Calf Tail on top of which brown marabou is tied in.
    Body: Black Wool ribbed with two strands of silver oval. Black Schlappen is tied in at the half point and wrapped forward.
    Pincers: Golden Pheasant tippets
    Back: Black Hen pheasant
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    Nov 8, 2002
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    heres one that I'm tying for the spring run god willing we have one I probably drank to much coffee before i started sorry no pics just figured out this coputer sending pics I'm not up for yet.
    3/0 aj spey hook gold
    tie in 1" pheasent rump fo feelers
    tie a small bundle of tippets on top of hook seperate with figuire 8 for eyes
    cover tippet butts with orange floss
    favorite spey hackle and gold wire pull both back till later [I'm using blue eared dyed ]
    gold hologram tinsel over dubbed slf white mixed with red then wrap to 3/4 pointof hook bring up hackle then counterwind with wire pick out dubbing
    palmer on red mallard flank one side sripped
    then same with one red marabou one side stripped
    then same with one black marabou one side stripped
    wing with 2 goose shoulder strips tied dee style
    finish with red guenia [can't spell can I] again one side sriped.

    hope you can picture this in your mind propably more than the fish need but looks very cool I'm tying in red black and purple see ya on the river if you ever get up north