Beda Lake

The real secrets have a way of beating on and scratching up the vehicle and psyche far too much for most to venture to them. Ticks, rattlers, bullsnakes that scare the shit out of ya cuz they look like rattlers, what looked like a road looking less so as sage tears at your paint job, and the many fishless miles and hours of mind-numbing driving rattlepan roads wondering if you're gonna make it back up what you just came down feeling like your brain is rattling around in your head from potholes and all to find that precious spot only to find intermittent dry crap that doesn't support much of anything living. At least there are a few left.

Ed Call

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Thank goodness for a POS Pathfinder! Love taking it into some of those places. Thanks to a member here I found my way to a guarded spot of his (so I will still not release its location) and it was effort well worth the trip. Football like fish and two grizzlies playing around in a meadow far enough away not to freak me out. My brief trip to MT was on to hook me into wanting more!
There was once a stretch of spring creek so dear to my heart that when I accidentally alluded to its wherabouts in a post to the old waflyfishers listserv I became physically ill at what I had done. I say once because drawdown and drought combined depleted springs sufficiently to kill off the population which is now trying feebly to regain a foothold. I have a photo of a pool just below where you can step across that contains at least 50 visible fish mostly rainbows and a few browns - all healthy and fat and beautiful as can be. There's no way anyone will ever know where that is, but I have a point in this - this shit is delicate. Even a place like Beda. We can't just descend on it in hordes and expect everything to be alright. Secret or no secret, I think some respect is deserved for the environment that still exists there at Beda Lake. I love those Sandhill Cranes around there... good stuff.

Rick Sharp

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I have a question or two that I'd like to ask, this coming weekend probably saturday I am thinking on driving up to Beda Lake as it's only a little over an hour away, then in the afternoon heading over to Amber Lake and returning home in the evening. Question is I've never really fished lakes before mostly rivers so is Beda and Amber a good spot to haul my pontoon to and fish that way? I planning an taking along a few damsels nymphs and emergers, calibeatis, micro leechs, black and brown bugger or two and some scuds and a few czech nymphs so will all of this be a good setup with the toon and a small selection of flies?
Your toon is perfect for both, Amber you can drive it right down to the water, pull leeches on an intermediate line, I wouldn't even screw with anything else, you really don't need it.