Swap Beginner/Intermediate Tying Contest Winners Announcement w/pics

A few months back when we started the Beginners/Intermediate Marathon Fly Swap I decided to take the month of December off from the swap due to the holidays and instead, do a Christmas Themed Fly Tying Contest for the swap participants on a volunteer basis.

The flies had to have a Christmas theme to them. They could do any hook modification necessary, use whatever materials they wanted, and most of all, have fun. Oh yeah, the flies didn’t have to be fishable.

As the flies started to arrive I was very impressed by the quality of work from everyone involved. Everyone who participated put a lot of thought, imagination and effort into their creations for the contest.

Unfortunately there were only prizes for 1st, 2d and 3d place in the contest. I hosted a dinner for the judges on the 16th and they ate me out of house and home while they argued the merits of each fly. From the quality of these flies, everyone should get a prize, but we only have so many prizes. Here’s the winners, plus pics of all the flies involved. Enjoy! (Please hold your applause until all the winners are announced.)

1st Place, winner of a dry fly neck from Conranch Hackle (www.conranch.com), Jesse James’s Grand Ronde Rudy.

2nd Place winners, yeah, winners, there was a tie. They are each winners of a JV Hen skin from Conranch Hackle, are Warren’s Angel tied by Warren Perry and Theron’s Tannenbaum tied by Theron DePaulo.

3d Place and the winner of a compatmenrt fly box is “Hold On, Santa’s Coming” tied by Randy Diefert.

Also, an Honorable Mention in a Non-Contest Category is a great fly tied by Surf Candy’s 9 year old daughter, Madison, who submitted a fly for the perusal and enjoyment of all you hard core fly tiers.

There are additional pics and information in the gallery under fly swaps.

Congratulations to all of the participants.


Unlike the Govenrors race, I will not demand a recount.
Congrats to all the prize winners! Very nicely done. :thumb:

Thanks to everyone that took part and especially Ron for putting it all together.

Happy Hollidays,
David Cravens aka LeakyTiki
Thanks Ron for hosting such a fun event. I Loved all the flies but, Jesse You Da Man! That fly is awesome. I curious as to the size hook used in the christmas tree. That was a good tie. L.T.; :beer2: got a recipe for that baby you submitted?
This kinda of goes back to my post re: presentation mounting of flies. All of these entrys ought to be in a box...
Great Job! :thumb:
I had such a great time thinking about what to tie for the Christmas Contest it was a really great idea Ron, Thanks. Grand Ronde Rudy will go into his presentation box and be retired now. Conranch hackles has offered to let me have 2 half capes for the prize so I get to pick two colors. All the flies were great. Was the Cristmas tree spun deer dyed or was it some type of christmas material??
jesse clark
Everyone who entered did a great job with the Christmas Fly ideas. What a bunch of talented folks! You guys have been sandbaggin me on being beginner/intermediate tiers. Vickie and I had a great time photographing your flies and admiring the craftsmanship that went into each one.

I mailed out your flies today, so they are winging their way to you as we speak. Well, at this time of year winging may be the wrong word. Please let me know when they arrive.

Surf Candy, I mailed your and Madison's flies together. There is a little something in the package for Madison as explained in the note.

Everyone got your streamers done? I know at least two have. Streamers don't need to be huge flies. I have some very effective streamers tied on a size 10 4XL hook. Looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts in the streamer department.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the contest. I know I had a blast putting it on, especially after seeing the fruits of your labor. Maybe we can do it again next year.

Tight Lines and Best Fishes,

Thanks Ron - will keep an eye on the mail! I'm struggling to make this new Popovics Hollow-flye work on a smaller hook. If in doubt I'll punt with my cuttthroat candy fly - more of an estuary tie than a strict river tie.

I wish all you swappers a wonderful holiday.

Wow Ron,

What a great bunch of Christmas flies. Compliments to the competitors.
Your all winners.*G* Thanks for sharing the photo's. Warm regards, Jim


Tamer of Trouts
Those are some great flies! There are definetely some creative tiers. Now lets see a contest of who can catch the first fish with one of those flies!! :eek: Josh


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Compliments to all the swap tyers, very very imaginative !

Congrads to the winners , but somehow all look like winners! Apparently Ron made them choose so the judges would quit eating all his food.

Hello Ronn (Lucas), welcome to the WFF.com board, I hope you enjoy it.Around here we have a bunch of grand tyers indeed. And it will surely grow to new heights with you on it.