Beginner looking for ALL gear

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After lots of help and lots of reading I THINK I know what I would like to use to get started.

I am looking for a 8'6" to 9' 5 wt rod, moderate action with reel (recommendations for a beginner?

Prefer 4 - 5 piece rod but will consider 2 piece.

Anyone have used geat around that they no longer use since they have upgraded?

Can pay up to $100 for the right setup.


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Toole, I think the craigs list is the best deal you're gonna get for what you're looking for. Cabelas has a few set ups for your price range too. I trust these forum classifieds and the guys on here, and have had good experience. But I'm not sure where you're gonna get a 4pc 5wt with reel and line for that price. I have a 2 pc but I can't get near that price. Hopefully someone has exactly what you're looking for, but I think you're gonna have to either pay a little more, or loosen up your requirements. Or try to piecemeal different deals together.
I'm not trying to come down on your party. I'm just trying to give some advice. You also might want to try to call different fly shops as some do stock used rods for people who get to a place to fish and their rod gets forgotten or lost in transit.
Best of luck with your search.
Thanks for the info Sloan

I based the $100 price range on the fact that you could get a pretty decent rod/reel/line combo for around $200. Most used stuff normally goes for about 50% of new. Is that not true for fly fishing gear?


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you can piece it together, look into Caelas pack rods, Okuma Sierra Reels, line is $42 about everywhere, you may get to a new settup for about $180. Things to think about, the future of what you fish for, going heavier rod ect. Personally, if I know Im going to a windy local, I spool a 6wt line and still throw it w a five wt rod, there are ways around some obstacles, Trout fishing, even the occasional 20 + inch fish, you will be pleased with what you find. I have found that the stiffer the rod in action ie "fast" will throw heavier setups, big stoneflies, indicators w double nymph type stuff easier than a slow action rod. You will acclimate to whatever you start with, I would not shy away from fast rods, because inevitably, you will learn to nymph as well as throw a dry fly, and you will be happier with the performance of a faster rod when you have to dredge the fish up some days.

my 2 cents
All I can say is to save a little longer and watch this forum and ebay till you find the right thing. You will regret going cheap at some point, and you will be more comfortable and confident in nice gear. Good Luck
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