Swap Bellingham swap at Boundry Bay


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I'm in, I haven't met anyone in Bellingham yet and need a reason to get behind the vise again. Plus I'm recently 21 this year and love BB's Imperial Oatmeal Stout :beer1: Not a fan of the IPA, am I still allowed?! :eek: Maybe it'll give me a chance to meet someone to go fishing with too.

Now that we have enough people to make it worth our time to get tying...let's get a date set. Here are some dates. Please let me know (a) dates that you can't make it and (b) dates that you would rather not come. I'm just going to pick a date once I get the feedback but I hope everyone can make it. My date ranges should be far enough out to plan for and span the entire week so hopefully we can find a date that everyone can make it. Let me know!!!

All dates either 6:30 or 7:00

Aug. 12
Aug. 13
Aug. 14
Aug. 15
Aug. 16
Aug. 17


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I'll try to make it but I won't get in on the tying. Likely will show up a lot earlier then 6:30 unless you guys meet on a Friday or the weekend then I won't make it at all. I fish on weekends and Fridays I head straight home from work to get ready to fish on Saturday.


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The later the better for me as well. The 12th does not work for me as I will be commuting to Kirkland and back that day.
Alright, the date is now the 15th of August at 6:00. Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham.

Flies must have caught fish in or around Bellingham. Let me know how you are doing and what you are tying. You can even send me a picture if you want.

Get tying!!!

Chad Lewis

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I'll try my best to make it. I'm not sure what I'll be doing at work that week, but if it pans out I'll tie a bunch of something and do the drive. And if I'm really last-minute before I can commit, don't worry about me getting flies. A beer will do me jus' fine.

Jeremiah, wanna carpool if I can go?
If you haven't fished it around Bellingham, tie something that you know will work and tell us where to fish it. It's all good. We are pretty laid back up here in Bellingham so no worries.


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I would think that tying attractor patters would be a safe bet. I doubt there is anyone in Whatcom Co that hasn't caught something with a bugger, royal wulff, adams, etc. That or something green or pink for humpies or dogs.

Boring, but they work.