Swap Bellingham swap at Boundry Bay

I vote for the drake. Feel free to get a bit creative with it if you want.

How is everyone else doing? I will post a pic of my fly soon. I have about 1/2 of them tied and ready to go.

What are people planning to tie?
I'm tying my Buzztail Chironomid, a pattern I devised to match the prolific emergences on Squalicum Lake, after conventional dries frequently left me frustrated and fishless. The plastic strip "shuck" makes a buzzing sound when being false-cast, hence the name.:rolleyes:

Jadon, how many swappers are committed -- or is the number going to keep rising until Aug. 15th? (If so, I'll just keep tying 'em until then.)
The buzz tail sounds like a cool bug! I think we will wait until about the 10th of Aug. to finalize the numbers or until we get to 12 tiers. That way we have time to tie them up. It also sounds like several guys will be coming without flies so feel free to bring extras to trade for beer :beer1:ptyd

Keep the pattern decisions coming guys.

Looking forward to it!
Just saw this thread. Is it too late to get in on this swap. I live in Bham, drink an occasional beer and am a mediocre tyer. Any date works for me.
All right! Seems that we have about 9 people tying flies and a few people buying beer.

You are more than welcome to join Griffon.


Nooksack Mac


Everyone else

Keep letting me know what you are tying. I have most of mine done already so I might tie up a few more for the people who like them.

If you take me to the Metow I will reschedule the swap ;)! Just kidding, I would however, choose fishing over a fly swap any day. Best of luck and we'll catch you next time!
Sounds great griffon! I've been itching to get out to the beaches this summer and I will be needing some flies to do that.

As promised, here are some pics of the foam bodied mayfly (sz. 12 scud) that has I am tying that has worked great at Squalicum Lake. Anyone else know what you are going to tie?
Ok guys, the date for the swap is approaching...please let me know your status so I can stop worrying about things. The Fly Swap Directions say that I need to keep bugging you all until I know what is going on but I don't like to do that. Looking forward to the swap!

Jadon, I've done ten so far. Plan to tie more so that I can high-grade the selection. Not tying during this heat, but I'll be done well before the 15th.

Ed Call

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Gotta be one of the longest swaps ever;)mumbles isn't even in it and OMJ can't tie anymore can't wait to see the ties. All in jest guys
Wish the timing would be good to meet the Bellingham/Mt. Vernon contingent DH, but generally I'm not in the 542 East area unless there is fresh powder to be poached in the Shuksan/Baker area. I hope that there will be lots of photos of the gathering and flies.

By the way, I was looking at some of the flies I've got in past swaps and there are a few in there from DH that still just amaze me!