best bet?

ive found four rivers around salmon la sac area that may be good fishing.( cle elum, cooper, teanaway, waptus.) does anyone know anything about these rivers; fish, flies, etc. im going to be up there until sunday and i will be doing some fishing in that area. any reply will be great since nobody said much about my other posts. thank you
Don't know much about the Cle Elum, Cooper, or Waptus. The middle and north forks of the Teanaway have fair to middlin fishing for smallish rainbows and westslope cutts.

The best fishing is going to be in the Yakima River, good to excellent fishing for rainbows and westslope cutthroats averaging 10-12", going up to 16", with the rare 20-incher, in the area from Cle Elum down to Thorp. Good access around Cle Elum, and in the "upper canyon" along highway 10. Access is limited above the Cle Elum River. Caddis, hopper, and big attractor patterns like stimulators are good dries; princes, zug bugs, peacock & partridge soft hackles, and flashback pheasant tails (all beadheads) are good nymphs. The water is likely too high for wading (don't even try; it's scary and dangerous), but if you can find a place to cast from shore, focus on the seams, eddies, and cut banks close to shore (often right against it;. within 6 inches;. within ONE inch).

If you want to drive a little (about an hour, maybe a little less from where you'll be), go down to the lower canyon south of Ellensburg (take the canyon road from I-90). (Essentially no shore access to the river between Thorp and Ellensburg.) Often excellent fishing for the same type of fish, without the cutts. Same flies, same techiniques (fish the water right against the bank). The access is essentially unlimited, at least on the highway side. Again, you probably won't be able to wade. Look for little points and coves where you can take down- or upstream shots toward the banks. Fishing is good the whole length of the canyon almost all the way to Roza dam. This is no secret spot, expect crowds, and try to mind your manners even if others don't. (one benefit is you'll be able to find the good spots easy enough; the trails are well worn.)

Good luck.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
There are likely to be cutts in any part of any water in the state that you go to, provided they can escape water that is too warm. Rainbows have been planted in many places too. These rivers are big enough that there are probably some good fish in them.

The patterns aren't going to differ too mcuh from any other river on the east side, so I would take what Ray says, and then tell us how you did.

It sounds like a fun trip.

PS: Upstream of the Salmon la Sac campground there is a big pool with a cliff to dive off that everyone swims at. Check it out.
i fished the waptus last weekend. caught a couple shakers... still quite high and cold. i would think cooper would be the same. some people been having luck on cooper lake though. bring a boat, cuz its hard to fish from shore. the mouth of the cle elum river, where it comes into the lake, can be productive. i pulled a 18 incher out of there last month on a muddler. good luck