Best binoculars for sight fishing.....?

What are your preferred handheld binoculars to use for sight fishing rivers? Any specific specs to look for in purchasing a good set.

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You must have a heck of a long cast. Other than that, I have a pair of Canon Image-stabilized binoculars and consider them the best binoculars I've ever used. But I don't use them for fishing - I just to see where my daughter's arrows end up when she's shooting tournaments. I have these:

Canon Image Stabilized 10x30 Binocular

The image stabilization makes a huge difference when holding on a target for long periods - much more impact than better optics in my opinion.

Not sure why I'd bring them river fishing, other than for maybe for wildlife viewing - and on more than one occasion I really wish I did have them with me. Even if I could spot a fish rising up/down river, I'd likely end up stepping over about a dozen fish to get there. But interesting idea anyways - not knocking it. And I have thought of bringing them beach fishing - I could see some real use there.
With good binoculars you can see what flies other people are using without actually talking to them. It's like lurking on an internet forum.
I posted sight fishing not lurking and my time on the waters been spent well with fly anglers willing to discuss tactics and flies of choice as well as sharing water so lurking must come from a low society I'm unaware of. Many banks along rivers are too far to see fish from so binoculars can help observe structure and fish in the right conditions. I've used them before and am shopping around for a durable pair.


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After researching this same question about 5 years ago, I bought a pair of Nikon Monarch ATB 8x35 and really like them. They have really good optics, built in eye-pieces for those who wear glasses, better than their equals for low light situation (at least at that time) and were the best price point I could find. Whatever you get, but the Nikon shoulder straps for securing them while on the move... nothing more irritating than having a set of binoculars flopping around while your hiking.
I have several pairs, being a birder, but of late I've been carrying, whenever I need to bring weight down to a minimum, a Minox MS 8X25 Minoscope (Monocular). Lightweight, superb optics, waterproof down to 16' or so, gas-purged, close-focusing to slightly more than a foot, life-time warranty, it performs way above its price point. I've even gone snorkeling with them, briefly, on several trout streams!

If you're really bent on binoculars, the Minox BV 8X25, which I also have, is another great buy, with characteristics much like the Minoscope.

No, I don't work for Minox, nor sell their products, I just like their stuff.