Best pants / shoes for wading


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Classy camo right here. Breathes well, fish won't see you coming... just use barbless and try not to hook yourself...

no pants... as for shoes (and the only serious part in this reply), I wear my wading boots and Simms gravel guard wet wading neoprene socks. If it's really nice/and I don't have much trail whacking to do, I will throw on my old Simms (Keen made) sandals with Felt bottoms. I don't like them when I'm hiking in though because of the dirt/rocks that get into the sandal. Not comfy for long hiking.


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Bruce, thanks for the link but the knee-high, tall neoprene socks that they used to make are not listed, only the shorter built-in gaiter socks and others, including the new one. I have these also, 2 pairs actually (one pair in brown, one in black - hey, a girl's got to match!) and in a pinch, I pull the gaitor portion up but it is still not as high as the old knee-highs.


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Worry not, I do not own a mankini. Don't think it'd be too terribly flattering. The question is, who would wear it? I'd vote for Bobo the fish master
I'll found a pair of neoprene socks that I had bought years ago and gave them a try yesterday. They work great with my regular boots, but I agree with some of the above comments that some knee highs would be better.
I'm looking for a pair of wading sandals for an upcoming trip. I've heard a lot of good things about the Simms ones when they were available in felt models, but seems like felt bottomed sandals are no longer sold anywhere. Does anyone have any good recommendations or experience with non-felt bottomed sandals? Been looking at the Keen H2 models, but its hard to know how they'll handle in the streams by just looking at them in stores. Thanks

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I've tried sandals and water shoes for wading, and IMO both come up pretty short. This class of footwear is made for getting wet and drying quickly, but not for wading. You really need some sort of proven wading sole to be safe. I slipped once while 14 miles up-river on the Elwha. If I'd have hit my head on the way down, that might've been the end of it. I haven't used anything but real wading boots since.