Best thing you bought this year?

The services of an Architect and an old (~50 yrs) 6.5ft Wright & McGill Featherlight rod with ring and cap reel seat in mint condition with original aluminum rod tube/sock.


new to fly fishing but loving every minute of it
Going to have to say my Kindle 3. Realize it's not necessarily an outdoor thing but plan on taking it with me whenever I go hiking / camping. Totally opened my eyes to reading some neat stuff and it doesn't hurt my eyes as much as a book and is much lighter.

Hoping 2011 brings the end of college (graduation), the purchase of a decent rod/reel, and maybe a new car.

Happy New Year everybody!

Jerry Daschofsky

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Let's face it-we have a lot of consumers on this board and some of the stuff we buy is actually useful. Are there products that you acquired in the past year that bring a smile to your face when you use them and give you a sense of satisfaction?
My Sons fishing license. First year he actually asked for one and first year he has asked to go fishing with me. Best investment I have made.
iPad - paid for itself several times over.
Caribbean vacation in November - completely off the grid for a week.
2 Oregon 1-day fishing licenses - quality time & fishing time combined. :D

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
My Madshus Hypersonic waxless classic race skis-yes,race skis! I was really tired of dragging the Atomic Betas-which in NO WAY resembled decent waxable race skis over the tracks here in Leavenworth, but...waxing for fresh 32 degree snow's impossible to do. We test drove these things, and they're reeeeeely fast even without being run in, and every bit as grippy as those stupid fish scale things, but QUIET!!!

So, if anybody wants to learn either classic or skate Nordic skiing from a Level II Nordic coach and former U.S. Team Biathlete, pm his Lordship here, and we'll get you out on the skinnies!

Chad Lewis

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Hardy 5 weight 'glass rod. This thing has improved my casting by miles. Anyone interested in becoming a better caster, I highly recommend getting yourself a ridiculously whippy fiberglass rod and fishing it a lot.