Big Game Guides

mike doughty

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Anybody ever used these on your blanks? is it worth spending the extra $$$$'s? I just a got a 10wt. blank and was considering throwing the big game guides on. inputs are appreciated.

mike doughty

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Roperrrrrrrrr, just the man i was hoping to hear from. anyway, cabelas sells what they call big game guides and i was assuming it was for heavier rods, but was not sure. what were you able to find out about shipping the rod wrapper?


Oncorhynchus clarki clarki
I don't really know much about cabelas guides, or cabelas in general, but I am assuming that their "Big Game Guides" are the same guides (material, metal), just bigger sizes. If you want to go threw cabelas I would go with the TiCH Fly Rod guides that they have. I have seen their single foot normal, double foot guides normal, and also their TiCH guides. Their double and single foot guides are pretty nice for the price on a lighter rod, but for anything heavier I would go with the TiCH single foots with a TiCH X-large tip top. They seem pretty nice for the price, I am looknig at their page right now. Going threw cabelas is pretty easy, especialy if you don't really know what you are doing, I don't know how many rods you have built, but if you haven't built too many, and you only kind of know what you want, I would look at their TiCH guide kits (I have actually used these guides, I built my first rod using them, and I am happy with them). Sorry I don't know anything about the "Big Game Guides," but I hope this still helps.

Summary of what was said: If I were going to go threw cabelas for guides on a 10wt, I would get their TiCH guides. They are strong, light, and good in the salt.