Big Twin


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I fished Big Twin Sunday morning (8/12) from 9-11:30. Like Campbell, there is no shade on the lake so bring lots of water if you fish it. The water temp was 74 degrees.

I was the only one on the lake when I started. I focused on the south end of the lake where the lake goes from 22' to 14'. Most fish were holding in 20+ feet of water and about 14' depth. I positioned in 12' water and cast to the deeper water. Counting down to 40-50 seconds, I then worked the line in. Strikes were pretty consistent for the first 1.5 hours and then started to die down. Most hits came on a blood worm pattern. When that died down, stripping a carey special netted a couple more. Fish were in the 13-16" range.

After fishing the lake, I stopped by Rick's place to introduce myself. It was great to meet him and he gave some good information on some of the local lakes and rivers. I ended up fishing one of the lakes he recommended later that proved to have some very healthy fish in it. It was great to find a new spot. Thanks Rick.