Black Beauties

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    Black Beauties:

    * Two salmon egg hooks snelled on a shock tippet an inch or so apart.

    * Barbel eyes on the front hook.

    * A bit of marabou hackle up front.

    * A flat strip of black dyed chamois hooked onto the snelled hooks like a Carolina Worm.

    * A tuft of marabou at the tail (optional--not shown on this one)

    Unlike the rigid-bodied Woolly Bugger, this fly does waft and roll from end to end like a
    continuously undulating sin wave--which is the way a real leech moves.
    A marabou-tufted tail can also be added (not shown here).
    I'm still working on this one.

    Fish do bite this thing--including rainbows.
    Big time.

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