Blackberry report, and other musings


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The local blackberry patch is coming along nicely, the tip berries are already black, though hard and not nearly ripe. With a mere two weeks until the grouse opener I find myself poorly prepared. I've not shot a sporting shotgun in months and the local range is only open on weekends in the mornings. Since I work second shift that's going to limit my practice to about four days until we leave for the property.

I always thought the older I was the more time I'd have to myself, this isn't the case by any means. This morning I head to the pistol range wishing I had been to the trap range sooner, I don't think it too sporting to take grouse with a handgun...tho' I have...:clown:

Earlier this month I took my 10 year old grandson to the property to shoot his .410 for the first time. His father bought it for him a few years ago, God knows why, before he was big enough to shoulder it properly. Like most kids he held it like a rifle, leaning back and a bit off center. After trying to get him to lean forward I noticed another challenge. Teague is left handed and right eye dominant, no wonder his shots we high and to the right. I'm working at getting him to shoot right handed and keep both eyes open. Surely a 20 with an open choke would be better than that full .410...:hmmm:

Well, I need to make breakfast before the range, better get my old ass in gear...see you all later.

Rick Todd

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I hear you Rick about the lack of preparation! I have a new 28 ga o/u I haven't even shot at clay targets! With every weekend over at our place in Winthrop doing all the finishing stuff, I don't have any time for anything else. We are getting toward the end and after a week off after Labor Day, I hope to be completely done! Rick


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Feel your pain Roper...I've got a new 308 waiting for me to put on 'paper' and 50 rounds of reloads that I worked up with roll crimps that I'd like to test prior to going into production mode.

Not sure how far this is from you, but Plantation is open during the week (Monday and Wednesday 10:00-4:00) and on the weekends.

Saw a good amount of berries on my hike around ONF this past weekend, far from ripe.