Blake Island in August


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Howdy - I'm a WashingTexan returning home for some family time in the Great Pacific NW. I'm also beginning to try saltwater fly fishing. Can anyone tell me whether and where I should try my luck on Blake Island? What types of fish should be running, Coho, Silver, Pinks? Also, any tips on flies and techniques would be helpful. I expect to be beach fishing, but should have access to a kayak to get deeper if needed.
Take the Kayak. I have yet to have any luck fishing from the beach at Blake Island myself but by getting just a little off shore I have caught Salmon in that area. My best luck has normally been on the South side of the island. One word of warning Blake Island is normally very crowded this time of year and it can be hard to get into the dock or find camping spots on the weekends. I myself have quit going this time of year due to the large crowds. Ten years ago few were on the back side of the island and it was a fun place to go. Now days its not uncommon to see 30-40 tents on the back side alone. Seems like its as crowded as the city any more on weekends.
Be carefull of the current in that area, around the island gets some pretty good flows through that area.
If you really want some better fishing row across to the ferry docks. Long row but the fishing is much better. I have caught both Silvers and Kings around Blake Island on 4-6" deceivers in pink & white and lime green and white. Most of the fish caught have been around the ferry docks across the way but a few have been caught and released by me around the island itself.
I camped and fished on Blake last summer with the family. Hikepat is right about the crowds, although we found beautiful camping sites available at the main beach campground next to the marina. Other than loud parties at night, camping was great. I walked down to the south end of the island and fished the point where the water seemed very fishy and I saw fish roll and jump. I didn't hook any, but I think it would be possible. Casting room is very limited at high tide. Fishing from a boat would be much better. Good luck and let us know how you do. Mark