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Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Just back from a trip back to the Stone Age in Zimbabwe. It was an incredible trip with some really bad "stuff" that had to be dealt with. The bad stuff first: did not get to hunt the area I paid for, there were some "adustments" expected (bribes) and the professional hunter said "Go screw yourselves" to the concession manager. He then scrambled to get me to another outstanding area, called in a few favors and picked up the tab himself including using his own plane to transport us to hunting camp. The other "not so good" stuff was two fatal heart attacks on the flight from O Tambo airport to Atlanta. Both deaths were two meters from me, I ended up helping move a body into an alcove...Not the first time I handled dead bodies but not what I expected on this trip.

The incredible part: busted my ass walking, following unbelievable trackers and a no nonsense professional hunter who got me a true old "dagga boy" Cape buffalo, a zebra with teeth worn down to the gums, a gnarly old warthog, a huge eland, a genet, and two baboons. I heard wonderful stories at the evening campfire, had a bluff charge by a bull elephant at our truck that was very close, saw a pack of wild dogs, hundreds of elephants, Cape buffalo, plains game, birds. Also had the experience of shooting sand grouse at dusk by a waterhole one evening.

Got to do a little fishing, caught tilapia (called bream there) and some small tigerfish. The gear offered by the fishing charter guys was very "marginal" and all spinning gear. There were two different guys I saw throwing flies and they were doing very well on 3-5 lb tigers.

I'll be writing the adventure up over the next month or two on the blog if you're interested. Next time I'm taking my 8wt for tigerfish.

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Awesome pics. Sorry to hear your trip had some setbacks, but I'd imagine they made the successes that much better! Just finished "Green Hills of Africa", so its great to see some related pics.


Idiot Savant
Karl, that looks like a heck of a trip. Damn that's a big hole in the side of the buffalo...:eek:. Quite the variety of game there. How long were you gone?

Let me know when you're up for some clays again...;) Can't wait to hear the tales...

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Roper, I was gone for 18 days, hunted 8 days, fished three days, toured the rest. The bullet hole in the buff was one of two "insurance" bullets, I actually shot him in the neck and literally flipped him upside down on the first shot. Buff are always shot at least twice, I've heard it said "It's the dead ones that will kill you." I'll be up for some sporting clays in about a week after I get caught up with nine times zones and a bunch of stuff here at the house.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Be careful in what you ask for, Terry, I have more than 700 photos taken by my PH, my South African hunting buddy who accompanied us, and my two cameras...I can put anyone to sleep with the slide show, for sure.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Karl; we'd love to see the whole enchilada! That's a place I've never thought about hunting at, but who knows? Great photos, and it makes me jealous!! Well done on Mr. Buff, especially! A shot to the head with my .300WSM probably would just piss one of those things off! What rifles did you carry?