Swap Bloodworm Swap?

Sounds good Ill be checking the mail this afternoon, I would bet they are in the box already. I am interested to see how bad my flies look compared to you professional fly tying guys.
The list of flies I have in are as follows:

Kent Lufkin
Jesse James
Jed ?
Randy Diefert

John Clark please let us know the prejected arrival time of your flies, Jesse if you wouldnt mind maybe checking up on this one for me. I would like to get them in the mail and out of my hair.

Hey Randy that is some interesting lace you sent, although I wonder what sort of face ill get at the pharmacy asking for a hypodermic needle?
Who has not sent their flies to the swap-meister yet?

I suggest sending the flies out to the participants no later than this Friday (12/3/04) even if all of the flies have not been received.

What does everyone else think?

It looks like my son John let us down. bawling: bawling: I am with Jed if you don't have all the flies by the 3rd, mail what you have that works for me. You can keep the extras I sent for your trouble John R.
jesse james
Sounds good, Ill keep an eye out for the last batch. I like all the flies, although I must say some people put some time into their work while others whipped out some pretty simple flies. I think next time I will wait to see what people send in and send something similar back.

I am only kidding of course, thanks for getting all the flies in with the return postage etc...

And Randy thanks for the liquid lace I think its a pretty good idea, although I am tempted to fill it with some shrimp scent but that just wouldnt be flyfishing.

John R.
Just talked to John Clark his flies were sent on Wed the 24th you should have them today..
I am not sure how to take your comment about some people whipping out some simple flies for the swap. I was one of the ones who submitted a simple pattern. Some of the flies were obviously simple because the nature of the swap, how exotic can you get with a bloodworm? It wouldn't look right to tie on a couple of wraps of purple sparkle marabeau on a #12 blood worm. :confused:
jesse clark


Indi "Ira" Jones
flylikeIdo said:
although I must say some people put some time into their work while others whipped out some pretty simple flies.
Ah, the old adage, do we tie our flies for the fish or the fisherman. My flies may look simple, but have you ever looked at a blood worm? When fished right, my pattern is deadly despite it's looks. Ok, Ok... I'll admit it I do sometimes tie and buy a pattern based on looks vs usability.

Thanks for hosting, can't wait to see what others have done.

I still dont have the package from John Clark, I will check the mail again today and ill even wait till saturday. If I dont have it by then the flies are going out no matter what on Saturday. So most of you will have them by tuesday and those of you out on the east side of the state will have them wed/thurs.

If anyone has a camera that can take pics of the flies maybe you would be willing to post them. If not I guess it wont matter cause we will all have one in hand to check out.

Take care and have a great weekend.
John R.
I will take responsbility for John Clark and his late entry.
I thought that we had decided if his flies were not to you by last Saturday the swap flies would go out. That would have been fine with me. He didn't need that much grace. I just talked to him and he said the flies went out a week ago Wed. and he hadn't received them back, so they must have been mailed to the right address. Holiday mail is slow but not that SLOW. Mail them out whenever you want no hard feelings here... :)
jesse clark
Jesse somewhere someone said if not by the 3rd then mail them out.

I mailed them on saturday afternoon which was the 4th so you should be getting them this week.

Edit: I found the box with the flies in the back of my truck yesterday, I mailed the christmas presents and bills but forgot the important box with the flies in it. I apologize but promise they are going out today asap. 12/8/04
John , you can try and fill the Liquid Lace with Shrimp Oil but, I don't see what good that would do you being as the oil is trapped inside the fly and the lace is Pressurized in the wrapping/tying process. What the oil does is actually two fold.
A) It creates a translucent effect and makes the light reflect on the under body. This is why the flies seem to "glow"
B) It helps The fly maintain a segmented shape. Since the Lace is pressurized; The fly body grows fatter and rounder if you release pressure as you are wrapping. Larva Lave and products like them (V-rib,etc) Don't act like this because they are not hollow.
If you did put shrimp oil on your fly (And I agree , That wouldn't be Fly fishing) I would put it on the outside of the fly, not injected in the inside as that would be much more costly than injecting your fly with baby or mineral oil.
I don't know how much you tie but, you ought to try tying some chironomid patterns with that stuff I sent you. They look Dynamite!

In closing, I thought the same thing when I started going into the drug stores for Hypodermic needles. I found that Rite-Aid sells them for $.25 each and you shouldn't be anymore embarrassed than going in and asking for prophlactics,mazazines or Kotex... ;)

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Randy, did you contribute oil-filled flies? I've got three right here that a person on another board sent me last spring. Sadly, I lost the tying instructions he sent. Can you help?