Blue Halo fiberglass rods...

Has anyone here build a rod with these blanks or fished with them? I am looking at them and the price is not bad, but I figured I would look here for some imput and guidance. I am leaning toward the 3/4WT blank for creek fishing.

I moved this to here because its a fiberglass question..
I have built one. It was the 3pc 6 wt and it is a cannon. I picked it up before they became "halo". They stand behind their blanks and will replace the blank for nothing. The blank I built was rated as a 5/6 and found it casted a lot like a IM6 but then I lined it with a 6wt and it had more of the fiberglass action that I was looking for. Great blanks and I do think I will end up building another
Late to the party, but I have the 8' 5/6wt in clear glass. I have casted a 5 thru 7wt lines on it. The 5 and 6wt work great, the 7wt was way to heavy. It was made as a switch rod. It has a 3in butt and a little longer handle, have caught fish up to 5 lbs with it. Haven't got to try lines to spey or switch with it yet.