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    I spent the morning fishing at Gissburg Ponds in Marysville. Usually i do very well there and the bluegill are swarming in the shallows. Not so this year. I caught two fish from a nice looking spot before some swimmer jumped in 10 ft from me. That was the end of that spot. That was around 11 o clock, and from then on no fish. the only reason i found that spot was because i heard a tree fall. A huge 100 ft tall one too. I looked at the stump and it looked like the work of some beavers. I only saw a couple bluegill the whole day. Usually there everywhere. Even in the hottest part of summer there in the shallows. Atleast they have been the past few years. Another thing i noticed was the vegitation is not doing well. Usually it is pretty thick this time of year, but there is only sparse clumps of grasses. Basically this lake has changed, im thinking some sort of pollutants got in or something. Ohh, and there were a bunch of juvenille bass everywhere, they weren't very smart though, they kept attacking my casting bubble instead of the fly. I also forgot to tie some flies up for this trip. I only had two of my secret bluegill flies. The first got taken my a holdover triploid trout. It came up from the shadows and completely ungulfed my fly. I didn't have my drag set for anything of any size. i accidently had it completely tightened. Im sure you can guess what happened next. *snap*. The next one i lost in the grass. While i was tyign it on i accidently dropped it iin the grass. I searched and search and eventually concluded that something had taken it or it had completely dissapeared into thin air. The only other fly that i had success on was a fly similar to a fly that Zen call "panfish bugger" You can look at on his homepage. So basically the fishing sucked except for one spot. Something is wrong with the lake and i need to tie somemore flies.