Boat name suggestions?

Mark Moore

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Manina....a young lady I knew in Argentina a while ago. Always wanted to name my sailboat after her, for some reason my wife didn't quite understand.


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I name them after my kids or nicknames of loved ones usually.

Is your new boat a drifter or gas powered?
Jerry, she is powered by an outboard. I was thinking of encorporating either my wife's or sons name with a reference to fishing if possible. Keep the names coming.... Im still open to any creative ones. I like Swell Dancer so far.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, powered is different, why I asked. Usually on power boats (since they have a tendency to break down occasionally) I like to give off the wall names. That way if it does break down you aren't swearing at your wife or kids (in a round about way LOL).

Do you have a keyphrase you like? Either a nickname of yours, or an off the wall oneliner? Like people putting "My Yacht" or "Miyatt" so you can say "Wanna go for a ride on MY Yacht?" type phrase for a ride on a dinghy. LOL. Just an example. But something like that.
Best I've seen in a while: A 50-foot yacht named "Change Order", towing a small inflatable named "Original Contract"....

My driftboat was named Row v. Wade.

For powerboats, I'm partial to full names of adults who have passed through my sort of a New England fashion. I named one after an old friend, and ultimately shortened it, like from John K Smith to Johnny K, but the memories of the person came aboard with me every time.
Here's a few names for you Paul:

Fishy Business
Reel Estate
Restless Soul
Somethings Fishy
Playing Hooky
Reel Life
Knot on my Boat!
My Last Boat, IV :hmmm:

Enjoy your new boat. :beer2: