SBS Bomber Tied Down Caddis SBS


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Natural version (for all the foam haters out there)

hook - Tiemco 5212
thread - UTC 140 burnt orange
tail/back - deer hair
body - deer hair orange
hackle (body) - ginger
hackle (front) - brown

mash barb, attach thread at back end and wrap back to point above barb (leave tag end long)

clean a clump of deer hair (no need to stack, trim to length)

2 soft loops then allow to spin; pack it tight with fingernails


and again

flip it over on it's back, lay a razor blade on hook eye and push straight back

have at it with your favorite cutting implements; taper body (looks like I came up a bit chubby on this one)

tie in body hackle, wrap to the back and tie off with tag end of thread (not sure if this is the best way; may start at the back next time and go forward)

rest of the fly is the same as the foam version

clean, stack a clump of deer and measure for length (hook gap)

tie in, trim hair butts, cover with thread wraps and tie in front hackle

wrap hackle, tie off and trim

pull deer hair back and tie down

half hitch x 2, SHHAN front and back and you're done