Bonneville Numbers


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Update: Fished between Maupin and Mack's Canyon last Tuesday afternoon through Friday noon. Morning and evening were 100% steelheading. I was swinging (did some skating in places that looked good for...well, skating) a floater, floater w/ intermediate leader and even some sink tip and my buddy was mostly nymph/egging. Fished plenty during the day as well.
No fish hooked, didn't see anybody playing or landing fish. Only saw a few roll and only saw 1 in the water passing by. Only 1 confirmed catch by guys floating by. I've seen pics posted on Instagram so some people are catching steelhead in the Deschutes, but we struck out completely. I've gone 4 days with nothing several times steelheading, but not when I'm camped on the river and fishing so hard I have to take Naproxen every night. Only fish caught while targeting steel was a fat 13" redside and a similar sized jack king. It was a fun trip as I got to catch up with a dear friend, but I fished hard (the only way I go) and came up with no steel. I'll be back next year.
I floated Macks to the mouth a few weeks ago and went 4 for 5 in four days of fishing hard.

There were some fish around then, saw a few other people hooked up.
I've certainly done better but I've never seen the river so uncrowded so that was nice. It was super smoky at the start but then cleared up over the days I was on it.
I was happy with fish I got, all things considered