There hasn't been too many flies coming off my vise of late, i've kinda frustrated myself out of tying classics for a while.

Nonetheless, I was compelled to tie this one for a bloke for his wedding.

Pretty simple fly.

The bridesmaids are wearing watermelon colored dresses, so i bought some watermelon dye and dyed up several different feathers etc.

Pattern is as follows
Hook Size 2 8xl
Tag Silver tinsel
Tail Watermelon Goose Shoulder
Body Black Wool
Rib Silver tinsel
Belly White Bucktail
Throat Henny Rooster (watermelon)
WIng While over watermelon saddle hackles
SHoulder Silver Pheasant
Cheeks Jungle Cock
Head Black


I like it. Of course my opinion and a couple of dollars will get you a beer in most pubs. I like that pink color and am thinking the summer runs might also. Mix in some red and white and you could have a killer. This one seems to have all the colors.

But then again, and there is always that ugly but, my opinion is nothing compared to what the fish's opinion might be.

Thanks for sharing the eye candy.


Good grief. The use of fly patterns as wedding boutonnières has become quite popular. I wasn't into flyfishing when I was married so, because I'm allergic to carnations, I wore a plastic flower. Fly patterns are way cooler.

Great look'n pin!