Bozeman Area This Month?


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I've got a small opportunity to fish waters around Bozeman in a week or so... and when I say small, I mean friday afternoon, all day saturday, and maybe sunday morning. I'm pumped yet at the same time feel a bit overwhelmed as I know almost nothing about the area's local waters. In fact, this will be my first time to Bozeman.

So I was lookin' for a little help and by no means am I trying to pick anyone's brain about their sacred ground. I'm just trying to avoid spending a boatload of time driving (don't mind driving a bit though) or stopping in shops (which I proudly support here in Spokane:) I can't afford a guide and frankly don't want to as I enjoy exploring on my own.

Would anyone mind pointing me in a direction? I'll be staying in Bozeman and would prefer moving water. Won't have a boat, so truck fishing will be the name of the game. Will run off have me out of luck?
There is a lifetime of fishing available in and around Bozeman, really. You should be fine and pre-runoff, you might call a shop to see what conditions are like of it matters to you.

Hyalite creek is just south of town, pretty pocket water stream, though it may be a little early (or a lot early, heard they had snow just recently...) The East Gallatin is right near town, fabulous little river but access can be tricky. Of course both the Madison and the Gallatin proper aren't far at all, depending upon where you go on them. Darlington Ditch is a nice, public spring creek over past 3 forks. Or you can head over the pass to Livingston and fish the Yellowstone, or perhaps pay to fish DePuy's or Armstrong's Spring Creeks, or Nelson's on the other side of the river. For that matter, there's Milesnick Spring Creek near Bozeman, pretty cheap (I want to say $50/day) and that also gets you access to the East Gallatin on their property.

Hope that's enough to get you started, good luck...



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Lots of options within a short drive. Check with the folks at Troutfitters , or at least read their fishing reports (B.S. content is much lower than many other shops). Also, check the Montana regs; a lot of water doesn't open until the 3rd Saturday in May, some even later.

Stop in at the Simms headquarters and see what's up. They might be able to help you in pointing you in a good direction for what's been fishing good that week.
I'm not sure what the dates are exactly, but I know it's almost time for the Ice-Out guide fest that they hold every year. Lots of great speakers, workshops, games, and networking going on...