Brackish water paddling again tomorrow

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Hope to be launched and paddling by 6:30am. Targeting Searun Cutthroat. Specific destination unknown until I get there. High tide on the back end of the estuary is 7:30am, and again about an hour before sunset. Low is about 12:45pm, and hope to return to my launch by 1:30 or 2pm.
Rained hard here yesterday afternoon, and showered intermittently all night. Drizzle and maybe showers in the forecast for tomorrow. Reasonably light winds.
I'll post some kind of report in the evening. If I don't post anything by thurs nite, maybe send in the search parties to look for an emaciated lunatic babbling some unintelligible words having something to do with "...the damn cutthroat just wouldn't let me leave!"

Thursday looks like more rain all day, heavy at times, and higher winds.

Friday and beyond, salmon fishing in the salt, or jetty fishing might steal the show. That's if I'm not on life support by then. I never really know too far in advance.

I hope to get down to whipping out some cutthroat flies today.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Woke up at 5 am to light steady rain. Was still raining lightly and steadily at 6:15 am, so I decided a change of venue was in order, and loaded up my gear rods and shiny metallic stuff, then buzzed up to W-port and raided my cash machine so I could properly fuel the rig before going south to check out the tidewater salmon situation in the next county.
Of course, as soon as I had set the new plan into action, the rain stopped falling here, and it was clearing up down there. I was hoping to find some hatchery Kings moving upstream. There were a few, but not many. Very few, in fact. The first place I checked looked devoid of fish. I headed down closer to the bay, and found a few small pods of moving fish. The other two anglers I talked to had been entertaining the skunk all morning drifting roe under floats. Zero, zip, nada for them.

Right as the tide stopped going out and the river began backing up, I saw a few small pods of fish begin to move in. I actually experienced seeing one cut away from the herd and grab my spinner!:) I set the hook! Looked like a small hatchery King (all of 'em did). It turned and ran straight at me, and I could see that it was hooked in the front of its upper lip, and then the hook came out.:eek: Dang!
I could not entice any others to bite. I packed up and went to another spot, farther upstream. When I got to where i was heading, it was early afternoon already. The place appeared to be where all the skunkees eventually congregate. Word was one average size fish had been caught earlier in the day, but nobody still there had caught anything. I saw a nice searun cutt jump right in front of me, but I was surrounded by a gang of bobber and roe guys and some other spinner tossers, so I didn't bust out my 4 wt and try to impress them with my casting abilities in the tight quarters.
I shot the breeze with some of the gang for a bit, then headed home.
Started raining again just after I had finished hosing the Willapa Bay tributary mud from my gear. The smell of skunk would not be hosed off. It is persistent, and lingers yet.

Might try again tomorrow or Friday, but gill nets went back in at 6pm on the 28th and come out by 6am on the 29th (Thurs). There wasn't any gill netting going on this morning or afternoon (Wedn).