Brand new Nor Vise

After a couple of years of of wanting one, the wife and I purchased a Nor Vise system today. It looks like there will be a learning curve since this our first rotary vice, but it seems pretty sweet so far.:D

Jeff Dodd

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Great news. I took a great class from Randy Diefert on Rotary Tying here on Whidbey. Randy is on this board and has classes coming up. Long way from Randle, but just in case you're interested.


Derek Young

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I watched Norm tie last week in Portland - amazing vise but yeah, I can see a learning curve. But he could sure spin some hackle...
Over the last few months I've watched all the videos on youtube, and the vise came with a DVD with all of them on it they are very helpful. Also, I'll give Mike at Lost Creek Flies big props for showing us a lot of tricks and tips. After tying a few flies the hardest thing to get used to is the automatic bobbin, other than that, it's awesome.


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threading the bobbin is a bitch and gotta remember that it retracts which can be hard to remember when cutting the thred off the hook.
one of the fly shops gives a class using the nor vice. Cant remember which one but I just might have to take the class. Always want to get better tying and using the nor vice.
We spent most of the day tying on it and seemed to have worked most of the bugs worked out. My wife has picked it up better than me and seems to not make the same mistakes that I do. It makes dubbing a body super simple just like on the video. (something that I have always had a problem with for some reason) I just need to remember to lock the vise when I'm not spinning something on and don't clip the thread until you have a hold of it. One thing that I have found is that it is much easier loading the bobbin with a drill rather than using the vise itself.
yes... drill is nice. Now I gotta get a bobbin threader because sucking the thread up is hard with such a small tube.
chef and others look for floss threaders (free from the dentist) cheap at the store. are the best. no reason to pay more. I think the Nor vise looks like a great vise to play with.

Ed Call

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I love my Nor Vise for the tying bench. I love my Nor Vise in my travel kit. Norm's service is amazing. I've watched his videos but have never had the chance to watch him tie live and chat with him. I won't pass on a chance though. If he is at a show near me, I'm going to drop in.