BRAVEHEART comes back to PNW


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I think kids are smarter then I ever was at their age, The kids on my street are all driveing newer Mustangs & honda cars . When I drive down the street, the Dad is outside mowing the lawn & the kids are sitting on the couch watching TV inside the house. That wasn't the case when I was a high School kid living at home ....
Congratulations on your orders to Cape D. Sounds like an interesting job. Is this assignment going to be the end of the road for you or are you waiting to see what's offered when you're tour complete?
We will see, I missed MSSE Warrant by only few points, still going to see about E8. But With two back surgeries, right shoulder and rt knee surgeries, this young 47 year old is tiring of pounding of the small boats, crawling into tite engine rooms and steel decks. Still pass the PT test in the 20-30 yr group, but this may be it. Gets us back to Washington, find house, get wife and daughter settled, so easier transition for just me to adjust to OCS (official civilians status).
I love my wife, but when she hears retirement, she thinks of her dad and my dad, they did not work no more. I am telling her it is like I am just quiting one job and just getting another. I know there is more to it, but if I can get her to relax just a little and lower her stress, which this billet location will do, life will go on on the outside of the Guard.
But on the other hand, if I make E8 or warrant, well there I will transfer again. So, once the wife comes back from visiting family in California, we will be talking about future a little more. I have enjoyed my almost 22 years, ups and down just like any job, worked for people who I would step in front of a bullet for and other well, I think my shoe is untied or hey look up at the dead bird. Overall, I have met many great friends, thanks to FB, email, txt'n I still talk with all.
I mean who ever knew, I could be fishing on the Yak, be talking to someone and find out they were a Coastie. Small service, big world, and have met many other from this site and others.

SO, for now NMLBS STAN Team...See you all soon

William BRAVEHEART Wallace

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When I retired, I retired. I haven't done a lick of work since that I could be paid for. I figured that since I started working at age 14, I retired at 64. I was entitled to live the rest of my life at ease. I've been retied now since May of 1999. And enjoying every minute of it. I can go fishing when ever my little heart desires to.

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William, for the record, when Robert the Bruce was dying in 1329. he asked his closest friend, Sir James Douglas (the Black Douglas) to carry his heart to the holy land on crusade. Bruce's dying wish was to go on crusade, kinda the "bucket wish" thing. So, Douglas takes the heart with him, and before a battle with the Saracens, he rides out onto the field carrying the heart in a little silver and lead-lined casque, throws it out onto the field of battle, and says "go first, Brave Heart"
Medieval history, Crusades, Saracens, Anatomy and a homecoming- this is a great Easter theme! Getting to the historical root of why the heart is seen as a center of emotion when alls it is is a pump...To think if they had got their functional anatomy down Robert the Bruce might have had his brain in a lead and silver lined tin, and he would be known as "Brave Brain."

Welcome back William, good luck to your daughter. I went to 5 different schools between age 10 and 13. I wish I had had the wisdom to say then what your daughter did now about moving, sounds like she has some wisdom beyond her years!

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Welcome back! Almost seems like you never left, the way time flies. there's a long lineage of William Bruce Wallace's in our family tree, going back to William the Bruce. However, my Dad is not 100% Scottish, but my Mom was 100% Finnish, so I identify more as a Finn.

According to the history books, William Wallace, aka "Braveheart" left no known children or heirs. So none of us Wallaces can lay legitimate claim to be descended from Braveheart. Of course he may have sown some illegitimate wild oats...

What the hell.... FREEDOM!

(My dad grew up in Long Beach, CA and served in the Coast Guard in So CA, way back when. Once, they thought they had spotted an enemy periscope, but it turned out to be a broom.:D)

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
That's what you have, now that you are retired.
Yeah, well I'm still a prisoner of all my stuff, which is holding me captive for purposes of maintaining and storing it. Some of it cries out for improvement. If I can eliminate most of the stuff and move to a smaller place, then for sure I'd be freer than I am now! I wonder when I ever found the time to work! I'm still a slave to all this junk with which I've surrounded myself! :confused:
I'll bet that 1/3 of the stuff in my shop/garage could disappear and I'd never even miss it (until it is gone and I ask myself why I saved it for 10 years+ and then tossed it two weeks before I found a use for it).
The goal is to reduce maintenance to a bare minimum, clear out the garage so that I can park my Forester inside and still have room for all my watercraft and lots of open shop space for projects.
Right now its a jungle that makes me look like some kind of hoarder.
A couple of dump runs and a huge yard sale with lots of give-aways would be a good start.

The one problem is that I had fancied myself becoming some kind of junk artist, specializing in mixed media conglomerations that might be called "beach bull-dada" (just made that up:) ).
I've collected enough junk to get going on some ideas, but I have to finish other projects first.
That ain't junk! Its art supplies!


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It is true that William Wallace left no heir. It is also true that his army was well aware of just how agitated the local sheep were in his presence! This observation verified his lineage as a true Scotsman!