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NW steel I agree with seeing a lot more 18-22" chrome bright males in June. I've seen and caught several over the last couple years especially and they are easy to ID as a mini steelhead. I've also tangled with a lot of resident rainbows and from the pic this seems like a classic example of a post spawn rainbow that moved out into the main channel and is on the feed. The larger rainbows are really migratory and move around the system a lot making them a sort of rare catch. In a month that rainbow Daniel is holding will be a thick and healthy badass sculpin hunting trout. They are an amazing fish and every bit as worthy as a steelhead. Who knows that rainbow may have just finished spawning with a wild winter steelhead or two.

But I could be wrong!
Buddha. I appreciate the rod sock you gave me. Not only does it fit my rod perfectly but it looks so well built like a bullet proof vest from Tactical Tailor. Wow man.
No problemo senor. ..from what I saw in the brief few minutes I met you.....your a bag a fun:) swell guy great attitude and real happy go lucky kinda deserve a fish! And a sox! -Salmonsteelsox over and out


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They also have been netting the mouth and bay all week too.
In another thread you asked for citations as evidence. Maybe you can provide some to back up the allegation you make here.

"They" = who?
"Bay" : where in the bay and on which days, specifically please?
"Mouth" : how many on on which days, specifically again, please?

Thanks. Some of us like to keep track of what's really going on, and it can get laborious to separate that from the rumors sometimes.