Breathable waders leaking

I have substantial experience with dry suits used for diving. My preference are the ones made from "crushed/compressed neoprene". Much more durable, flexible and waterproof than neoprene. They also give some thermal protection. The feet are also designed to be worn with fins. A set of waders made in this fashion would be nice.


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Agreed with the breathable:confused: and don't fully understand the concept but I'm thankful when I think back on the days of peeling off sweat soaked neoprenes.;)
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Dean, at your age, you wear these things all the time.

OP Jim - I'm breathable waders year 'round. If they aren't leaking and I'm tubing water that's cold, I layer up. But then, I don't have a pair of 5 mm neoprene........ and I refuse to wear Depends like @Old406Kid
And to think I was nice to you yesterday!


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Take a look at the NRS Sidwinder Dry Bibs. They appear to be well built, are on sale now and NRS makes great equipment for water related activities. They have several features that appeal to me, but I haven’t yet purchased any...and it looks like they were may be discontinued . Worth a look anyway.


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After fishing in the tube or wading the river I always turn my waders inside out for a day. You always get condensation no matter if it’s winter or summer. Follow the video at Simms on how to repair waders. And +100 on buying the best you can. Yes it’s a bitch when you have to pee in the float tube.

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Retired fishing instead of working
I started working as a Forester in the early 1970's. The outdoor clothes worn by loggers and Foresters those days were just awful. So in my class most of us started wearing mountainering clothes and shoes while working. It did help to have Ski Hut, and all those other outdoor companies just down the ave.

Forward ten years and outdoor clothes become fashion statements instead of serious clothes for the outdoors.

Then those no-mex fire pants should up. I think that was the first time somebody sat down and designed a pair of pants for outdoor field work. They are amazing in comfort and utility. Nothing comes close. Unfortunately, they are designed for fighting fire and to keep your butt from burning up. So things like water resistance, briar resistance, etc. are not considered.

But it did get me thinking about how to redesign outdoor clothes for function instead of fashion. There are a few companies like Carthart that have done fairly well making clothes for working people, but most of those don't work outdoors.

Besides people like me are wearing Carthart for the fashion these days.

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I used to wear breathable waist highs.They worked good until I waded out to where my boys were under the height of the water. Boy did I get an awaking up quick when the waders leaked in the crotch. I returned them and the new waders leaked out of the box in the same place. Returned for a refund. Never used waist highs again.
Lots going on in this thread. I'm thinking of getting a pair of Grudgens slicks and Aqua Sealing some neoprene sock feet to them. Durable, waterproof and cheap ($100). Might be just the ticket for tubing waders. Seriously, us people looking for waterproof, durable "waders" for float tubing seem to have been disenfranchised. Cheers, Jim


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Seems weird that all other breathable fabrics go in the hot dryer to restore water repellent quality but waders do not. I think I would try dryer before cutting a slash in the next pair.

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So.. I used Aquaseal to repair the "slash" that was required for a new set of waders. By the way, the new waders leaked ( a little ) the first day. Now it seems I have an experimental pair to try and find a fix for Redingtons inexpensive waders leaking in the area that I sit. I rubbed the area with a candle (extensively) then used a hair blower to melt the wax. Almost no leaks after 6 hours in my tube. Now I'm going to use "Plasti Dip" on the inside. On my new ones I'm going to try "Nikwax".