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    Most of you probably saw the earlier post where four of us got together at Gallagher's in Edmonds and brewed a batch of beer. For three of us it was the first time, only Scott had brewed beer before. It was a fairly simple process as they have everything right there for you. In roughly two hours your beer is ready to be set up for fermentation. About two to three weeks later you can go back and in about an hour bottle up your brew.

    Our ventures included tailgate lunches and pot lucks. Steve has brought some wonderful smoked salmon and burgers and brats were the main meals. Of course we got to drink some of their beer on tap and some of ours as we were bottling.

    I checked in with the gang and we all agree it would be fun to invite other groups to our next visit and have a "brew-a-thon". If there's any interest let us know and we can start making plans for a future visit. Rick says his beer is going fast due to his son-in-laws raiding the stash. They have over 50 different recipes to choose from. It might even be fun to mix and match our beers and come away with a variety of brews.

    So there, the invitation is out there, let us know...and start saving your bottles...:)
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    Roper, I just don't think I can take you seriously without a cowboy hat on. It's just...not natural.
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    I'd be in for that, been a long time since I've been down to Gallaghers' to create a batch. A brew swap is a great idea to be able to bring home a variety.

    I have 5-6 cases of extra, clean bottles for bottling day so even if I can't make the brewing day I can drop those off.