SBS Brokeback Crawdaddy

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Here's another of Kelly Galloup's patterns that has articulation to add in that extra movement. This, coupled with the weighted back hook and rabbit strip claws, adds pizzazz to entice the big ones.

Sweetness on a hook, especially in the water...

Hook: Daiichi 452
Thread: GSP and 6/0 Brown
Antenna: Brown Rubber Leggs
Claws and Body: Tiger Barred Rabbit Strip
Head: Deer Hair
Body: Brown dubbing
Legs: Schlappen
Connection: Beadalon

The first thing to do is to bend the hook thusly.

Add some rubber legs about twice the length of the hook for antenna.

Spin some deer hair about half the length of the hook on the back.

Spin another pencil width of deer hair around the hook. This will be used to spread the claws apart.

Roughly trim the deer hair in the shape of a pyramid.

Add some eyes to the top of the hook just in front of the deer hair. Finish trimming the deer hair to the size of the eyes.

Take a two pieces of rabbit strip about twice the length of the hook. Trim half of the strip.

Tie in just behind the eyes. The butt end of the strip should suck in behind the eyes.

Tie in a piece of schlappen.

Form a dubbing loop and dub behind the eyes... the front of the hook.

Wrap your hackle forward. Trim off and save the remainder.

Invert the hook and tie in another piece of rabbit strip. This should be long enough to go back in the throat of the hook. Whip finish. One half of the fly is now done.

Big E

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Start the front of the fly with another Daiichi 452. Use some beadalon to attach the back hook. Tie the beadalon on the side. Be sure to line up the back hook tight to the front hook as I have done here.

Tie in a hook length piece of rabbit strip upsidedown on the hook.

Tie in the remainder of the schlappen you saved from earlier. Wrap 3 or 4 times and tie off.

Make a dubbing loop to form the body.

Wrap to the hook eye and tie off.

Bring the rabbit strip forward and tie off. Trim the hide even with the end of the hook eye. Whip finish between the eye and hide.

Don't stroke your rabbit too much admiring your work. You're bound to stick yourself a few times.