Brookies Thread

If you have 40 bucks for a Ferry ride to Orcas island. You can catch a snaky Brook Char on every cast, they are only 6 and 7 inchs, just go to the top of Mount Constitution , park at the top about a 1/4 mile down the trail you come to twin lakes I believe, fun on a one weight, a little steep to the lake but a fun hike for the family


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Are you inviting me to go? I'll pay the ferry fee if you are. You can drive that classic Ford truck if you still have it and we can go in style. Be a great time whether we caught fish or not.


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Beautiful fish Mark and Ira, but a little washed out compared to the Elkhorn Mountain fish from 7000! Big brookies are such a fine looking fish.

Jim Ficklin

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I'll just wait for my pending September sabbatical back home to God's Country when the Brookies will be resplendent in their Fall wardrobe. Nice story & nice fish, guys. Thanks for sharing (and raising my blood pressure a tad, plus making the next few weeks exasperatingly long) . . .