Ca Duck Hunt '08

These pictures are from this mornings hunt. Steelies have been way to slow for my liking lately. The opportunity to duck this morning was a no-brainer. This was my second trip to a good friend's floating blind near a wild life preserve in south Sacramento, Ca. Neat place. A short boat ride then park the boat inside the blind, pour coffee and await the legal shoot time.

The decoys were already out. By 11 AM, we took 7 ducks and lost one crippled mallard hen to the water channels "cabbage". Missed half a dozen others. Not a lot of birds flying, but enough to keep us on our toes. :thumb:

Steve (aka Roostersgt)
Sweet looking spot. You guys have roosters around the edges?
Everything around here on the East side of the Cascades is covered in snow and if it isn't moving or spring fed all the water is frozen.
We got 4" of fresh snow today here in Wenatchee.
I'll take a pic and post tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing.
Not really sure about the roosters in this area. I belong to a private club for those birds. Pheasant on public lands in these parts is scarce and scary, if you know what mean. Lotta Bubba's with guns. I've only been duck hunting here wth a friend twice. This place borders a wild life preserve and viewing area that is literally infested with ducks and waterfowl. Had a lot of rain today (2.2") with more on the way. You and Sharon (?) fished the Wenatchee now that it's been open?

I have fished it a couple of times and it reminds me of why I don't like winter steel head.
Lots of fishing with no bites or bumps, iced up guides etc.
Now that upland bird season is going to close I'll try to hit the Wenatchee more.
Super. Keep us posted. I love that area of your state. The water sure looked inviting. Sorry to hear it could be better, especially after being closed for so long. Good luck with the end of upland season. I'll be hunting pheasants (dodo planters) until the end of February, ducks (if my luck with friend hold out) until the end of this month. One or two more trips. I'll post the pics if I'm invited to go again. Also, I won a trip to fish the Yak and am considering going this March.:beer2:

Last duck hunt of the season for me. Blind owners will be going over the weekend to try and pick up more ducks before the closer. We got out early this morning, but saw very few ducks flying. Wind was perfect, sky was overcast and drizzling. :confused:

Just no ducks flying for some reason. We did manage to scratch these three though. A tasty merganzer, a mallard and a canvas back. Got only one canvas out of a group of 4, which flew right in front of us out of nowhere. I'm blaming it on the cheap, lousy steel shot I bought (I will be using "Heavy-shot" next year). We couldn't have been that poor in our shooting abilities. Hahahaha.

These quackers will be soaked in terriyaki, garlic, season salt and then bacon wrapped before hitting the BBQ. Although I'll probably have to chase down the tasty merganzer breasts with whisky, instead of merlot. Hope everyone else had as enjoyable a season as I did on my 3 trips out to the pond.