Cabo Dec 06

We headed down to Cabo the third week of December and spent the day with the folks at Baja Anglers. We went out with Capt. Arturo and First Mate Nasario. They did a really nice job.

My son, brother-in-law and nephew joined me. I was the only one with a fly rod.

First picture is me with a sierra mackerel. We caught a good number of these and they were lots of fun on my Sage XP 8.wt.

Second pic is of my brother-in-law with a nice sierra.
Third is my nephew with a rooster.
On the way back in Arturo asked me if I wanted to troll to see if we could raise some dorado. I said sure, let's give it a try. This is a picture of my son and my nephew with two of the four dorado we hooked. I didn't get a shot at the dorado with the fly rod as I was anxious for my son and nephew to catch some nice fish.

I would like to thank Brendan (alpinetrout) for some pre-trip advice and for giving me the thumbs up on choosing Baja Anglers and Anil at Puget Sound Fly Company for putting together a great selection of flies to take down.

Jim Jones


No, I didn't really get a shot at the dorado on a fly rod. My son, who is 21 and still knows everything, didn't want to take dramamine before heading out to sea. So about two hours into the trip he got sea sick. He started feeling better just as we were about to head back to Cabo. So I told him that if we hooked up with some dorado I would let him fight the fish since he hadn't caught anything all day.

My nephew grabbed the first rod and fought the first dorado and Nasario took a little spinning rod and cast out with some live bait on and handed the rod to my son who quickly had a nice dorado on. This fish jumped and ran several times. My son wasn't quite at 100% and after fighting that fish on the spinning rod for quite some time was beginning to feel sea sick again. He was getting exhausted and nauseated again but I wouldn't take the rod from him and told him he had to land it since he caught it. He finally got the fish to the boat and landed it and then promptly puked over the side. A priceless father/son fishing moment!

Next time I go I will leave the others at home and get my shot at the dorado on the fly rod.

Thanks Jason. I'll be happy to share what I know.

BTW - I noticed you are a Whitworth alum. My daughter is currently a soph at Whitworth.

I'll be right down. :thumb:

Actually the timing of our trip was exquisite. We left the morning the big storm hit here and we lost power to our house that night. The power was off all week while we frolicking in the sun, fishing, golfing (badly) and drinking margaritas.

The power was restored about six hours before we got home. Although we would have gotten home sooner had Alaska Airlines not managed to lose my golf clubs somewhere between Customs and Baggage Claim.

I must admit, dorado and sierra mackerel are pretty tasty on the parilla (spanish for BBQ, if you didn't know).



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you know I happy fer yuh,,:thumb: ,,,,, whatever,,, the Gortons fish fillets I made (with tarter sauce) were good too...if I had a working oven.

Sounds like you had a ball, come fish the M next month
Yeah, I just fished around the place we were staying at Palmilla but didn't have any luck. After seeing the places we were catching the sierra it seems the beach where we were probably wasn't too conducive. I wished I had a little boat that I could have taken out about 50 yards, I think I could have caught some out there.

One of the problems I encountered was a pretty steep drop off that made it nearly impossible to wade out into the surf, so I tried from a little rock outcropping but it seemed that I was constantly snagging rocks or reef and breaking off.

Not being too familiar with the area I didn't really venture out to find better beach fishing areas.

The last night we stayed at the Inter-Continental in San Jose which is right on the estuary. Looked like interesting water but I didn't throw a fly in there.

Thanks for you advice. I hope I get down there again and give it another try.



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Sounds like you had a good trip. Glad everything worked out for you and thanks for sharing the pictures.


What an inspiring trip. My girlfriend and I are thinking of taking a trip in mid Feb. and we need to get on these reservations or we are going no where.
Did you like where you stayed and if you did can you pm me the name of the hotel.
I have never done a warm water fishing trip, I hope this isn't like my warm water dive trip, I haven't dove in the sound since.