Camano Island

o mykiss

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Will be spending a few days on Camano Island soon. Any thoughts on a few good spots for catching something interesting on the fly? I've fished half-heartedly from a beach in Port Susan Bay and caught nothing other than buffalo head sculpins and small perch. Looking for beach fishing suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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I'm not sure about beaches on Camano itself, but across the bay, Kayak Point is good for sea run cutts. Do you have a boat?
Im not 100% sure of the name, but I thinks it was Camano Island State Park were I fished this last spring on my way home from the Skagit. There was really good access and a few cuthroat around, including one skinny 21 incher and a couple smaller. That was my only time there so I don't know what is typical.


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I have fished for sea run cutts on camano island several times. The state park has good access. There are also several small beaches on the island. Incoming tides seem to be the best, fishing with a minnow pattern. I prefer the epoxy type. I've also caught small 'resident' silvers in the tidal zones. If you fish for cutts and happen to catch a silver, which is highly likely, I think their out of season so give the fish a kiss and send him on his way. good luck. :THUMBSUP YT