camera on the Yakima ( BUMMER )

I hope someone found my Olympus SW camera on the Yakima. I believe we lost it when we had lunch on one of the little island type areas somewhere above the Thorp Bridge on Saturday August 1rst. The camera is waterproof, so if someone found it I could ID it easy. Not as worried about the camera as I am the pictures. Lesson to be learned: get the photos out of the camera.

Any help or questions greatly appreciated.

That funny because I lost my Olympus SW somewhere on the yak last summer. So, if one turns up and they aren't your photos on it, let me know! Lesson to be learned: waterproof cameras may be more easily lost because you aren't going to put it in a case.

Bill Dodd

Bill's in a time out.
I hope you find your camera.
Here id what I did with my SW 850 so if I loose it, maybe it might find it's way home to me,
In the favorite section I took a photo of my name and phone # so it is always in the camera and IF, BIG IF MIND YOU someone who would return the camera finds it my contact info is still inside the camera.

Just a idea.

I have to admit that I was disappointed with the photo quality of my SW 850. After losing it I replaced it with a Canon A590 IS. The current camer takes much better photos, is only $130 and uses AA batteries. On the minus side it isn't waterproof and is a bit bulkier than the 850 SW.
thanks to everyone. I will tell you what is brutal. My 10 year old grandaughter said to me, " Grandpa, how many cameras have you gone through "

I sure hope someone finds it. I will probably replace it w/ a Canon. I wasn't crazy about the qualit of the pictures either.