Camp Spot this Weekend?

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    Decided last night over a few beers to do a little (car) camping this weekend. Looked at a few places we've never been, any suggestions/ advice would be helpful on the few places I've looked into. Background info, we have a 3yr old and 1yr old and the couple we're going with has no kids but would like to hike. We're down with that with our kids too (something 1-3 miles for our small family) and I'd like to wet a line, even if its just for 45 min. Here's where we're thinking, all SE of Seattle and have available sites for Sat evening (for what its worth, weather report likes ok for late week into the it far enough east that's its drier there?)
    • Cottowood Campground on the Naches
    • Little Naches Campground
    • Silver Springs Camground on the White River
    Thanks in advance, could be our last camping trip in the state as moving fairly quickly might be in the near future....