Camping & Fishing Help

I need a little help selecting a good campground. The family and I will be heading out Friday to go camping for the weekend. I would like to do some fishing while at the campsite. Although I've camped at several WA State campgrounds, none yet have met my fishing needs. Any help would be aprreciated. Here is what I'm looking for specifically:
-Nice campsites with decent restroom facilities.
-Walking distance to wadeable water...preferably SKINNY water (I know, that narrows the choices this time of year)
-Some sort of daytime distraction for the wife and children while I'm fishing, within the local vicinity.
That's pretty much it for preferences. I know that this won't yield too many results, but I know there's something out there. Oh yeah, feel free to mention any campgrounds that fit this bill that open after Jun 1st too, since we go camping several times a year.
One location that I'm considering is Lake Easton State Park. It's walking distance to the Yakima River & Lake Easton. I've never fished the Yakima before. Is the stretch from Easton Lake and Keechelus Dam worth sampling? What's with the no limit/no size restriction on Eastern Brook Trout there? Is there a decent population of Easterns or Rainbows in this stretch? Not looking for any secrets, just some general help in deciding whether this site is worth bothering with.
Just one the Yakima Sportsmans Park worth a hoot?
Thanks again for any help.

-alright, one more one more thing...I'm really interested about anything on the OP too. I live in University Place & don't mind driving.