Camping on Orcas

We'll be camping at the state park over the long upcoming weekend, and we'd like to get into some fish. Anybody know about the opportunities there? We're not picky, and we're equipped for anything from dunking worms for stockers to flyfishing on the beach and anything in between.
Cascade Lake in the lower part of Moran State Park has some nice trout that hold in the deep water next to the rock walls at the North end of the lake. Plan on fishing deep, 60+ feet, making this more of a bait thing than a fly rod fishery. Smaller trout can be picked off with a fly rod during the evening rise. The outlet on the West side has sunfish that can also be a kick at dusk on a fly rod.
Hike into the twin lakes on the trail that leaves the mountain parking area, better yet, if your into packing a cheap float tube with will have to beat them off with a stick....from someone who lived there, and I do that trip once a year still........little twin and big twin