camping on the G Ronde in WA

anyone know the politics of camping on the Grande Ronde in WA? I only know of that spot above Boggan's on the left .... if full is there any other spot close to the OR line?

Thinking the 2nd week of Oct and anticipating it will be a little crowded :rolleyes:

David Loy

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I've camped a few times in Troy and liked it a lot. Cost is around 10$/night if I recall and you have a warm dry bathroom 24/7. It's a part of the Shilo Inn so I think Bill and Farrel at Boggans (509-256-3372) can take reservations. Or you can call Shilo direct (541-828-7741).
Also, there is camping at Shumaker (downstream).


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The "politics" of camping on the G Ronde in WA?


Whadya' mean, the "politics" of camping on the GR? Like is Boggan's a liberal camp and Shumaker a conservative one?

Now, the logistics of finding a camping spot in October might be a bit complex, except there's normally room for one more at the WDFW site near the mouth, but that's not near the OR line. There are camp sites at Field Spring State Park up on the Rattlesnake grade.

Good luck and good fishing.


Salmo g.
on the political side I meant camping in DNR or forest service sites needing a reservation, fee or what not. I thought I heard last year that you couldn't camp streamside or something like that and that there were issues with one side of the river versus the other

I would like a spot over rattlesnake and have never ventured more than 5 miles above Boggan's and only remember the one campsite. Was that a campground down below the cafe ... by a boat launch I think?

cheers, Travis
There is a free campsite at the boat launch at Boggans. We have always found room there for our rigs. Some times it gets a little crowded and it is a busy place early in the morning when the guides get going.
There is also a lot of free camping streamside at Shumaker and a camground at the top of the hil above shumaker. Lot of options.


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Field Spring is a state park, and there is a fee to camp there. I don't know if they take reservations. All the campgrounds or sites on the river that I'm aware of are free. If you want to float, camping out along the river is complicated because nearly every piece of private land is posted nowadays. And all, or most of, the good camp sites on public land are staked out pre-season by guides who use them throughout the month of October. Makes it difficult for the person who just wants to make a single float trip down the river, expecting to find a place to camp.


Salmo g.