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My girlfriend and I are planning a trip this summer over by the town of Loomis. The trip will be late July early August. I would like to hit up Bonaparte and Chopaka. Would either of these lakes be worth trying that time of year?


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If you go to Loomis and don't visit Chopaka, Then, well, let's just say, I think you should go to Chopaka and at least take a look, maybe make some casts? Ya never know? If it's way hot, then it might suck, but that's a big maybe. More likely, the summer hatches will be so thick, that if you open your mouth you'll inhale 100 bugs. Don't fret, they are full of protein and you can skip lunch and fish on! August will be hot, I'd shoot for the early part of July. Keep your eye out for Big Foot too, He has been spotted at chopaka. Discovery Channel did a special and sent a research team to scout the area. They found Biggy at the North end of the lake fishing a sink tip down deep. When they asked how the fishing was, Biggy said, "so-so".:dunno YT:smokin
I went to Chopaka last year in the second week of August. It was awesome. Not as many people show, and callibaetis hatches last all day long, in 14-16. Another cool thing is that I spotted the biggest Tricos that I have ever seen (and yes, I know what a Trico looks like). I won't tell you exactly how big they were, lets just say it was 3-4x bigger than what you're used to seeing.

That time of the year is also good for grasshopper fishing. Creme colored hoppers (with yellow bottoms) are all over the bank. If you get caught with the wind blowing, don't put your tail between your legs, go into shore, and wait for it to die down. Get a big hopper pattern and throw them with a big "splat" all the way down the shoreline right next to the cattails. The riffled surface will allows you to get 15-20 feet away from your target, and that should work even if you have a "sucky" cast. I'll put a guarantee that you'll catch fish on dry flies that can compete with the Men's Wearhouse.:thumb


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These two lakes are in opposite directions from Loomis. If you stay on the west side of town, head south to Blue Lake in the Sinlahekin valley. Early morning and evening being the best times. If you really want to test your skills, head north above Wannacutt to the other Blue Lake, the alkaline one. Fish close to shore because it drops off quickly. Lahontans lurk in the milky teal water there...:thumb

If you head towards Bonaparte, keep going into Lost Lake and chase some brookies there...:thumb