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    Feb 26, 2003
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    Poulsbo, WA, USA.
    Hello, I got a drift boat, so my canoe with accessories has to go:

    –Old Town Penobscot 17. Great lake canoe to fly fish from. Very light and easily transportable. It is only 65 lbs. It’s capacity - 1100 lbs. The canoe is in a very nice shape, looks like new. Read more on that model on this web page:
    I bought it new MSRP $1099.00
    will sell for $695

    –Bottom Line - Fish'n Buddy 1200 Depthfinder/Fishfinder. Operates for up to 40 hours with 3 C batteries. Extremely portable and weights only 5lbs! C-clamp mounting system (just like outboard motors), mounts very nicely on the the canoe, even float tubes. Fully adjustable telescopic shaft allows for easy transportation and storage. I used it only couple of times, bought it last summer. Still on the first set of batteries.
    I bought it new MSRP $149.99
    Will sell for $100

    –Minn Kota Endura Motor, 30 Pounds Thrust (30 Inch Shaft). Very nice motor for the canoe and small boats. I bought it new and used it only two times.
    Bought for $100
    Will sell for $70

    –Motor mount for the canoe.
    Bought for $50
    Free with purchase of the canoe and motor.

    If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected]. I can send you the pictures of the boat with the accessories.
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