canon power shot D10

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Michael Thompson, Jun 3, 2009.

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    well mine showed up yesterday, and i love this thing!:thumb: i wanted it for a no excuses take it with me no matter what camera, and the thing feels pretty stout.

    its a point and shoot, but gives you a little bit of control over the settings. so far i have taken a bunch of pics with it and am totally pleased although im not enough of camera geek yet to give a proper review.

    functionally the only prob i can for see is there is no way to keep dust and grime off the lens and its a bit chunky.

    the lanyard attachment which i thought was pointless in the beginning has totally grown on me (you can move the lanyard to whatever corner you choose)

    it takes a decent pic under water too, although the operator needs practice. i attached a pic of a bass i caught this afternoon. this was some grimy ass water and i'm surprised that the pic came out as well as it did. the second pic is just after a couple under water shots and although i wasnt paying attention to where the fish was, the background came out crystal clear

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