Hey guys... My 4runner was broken into in front of my house.... The gear stolen was as follows:

1 fishpond boat bag.... green

Orvis battenkill 3

Nautilus 7

A bunch of fly boxes, flies,

Sage Bass rod with tube.. Lamson konic attached.

Please let me know if you see any of this stuff at your local pawn shop, or craigslist.... I know this is a longshot.
Tweekers Take Notice: Stay away from us for your own safety.... My buddy is packing. We caught some guys a few years ago by the Wallace. They were lurking around our truck and had no business being in the middle of nowhere. The local police were grateful that we called them first.

Ed Call

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Tweekers don't likely read WFF online, they fence all the stuff they score so they can get more tweak on. Nice to know your buddy is packing, how about keeping us posted as to where you guys will be fishing. Some may come there for the security blanket, others will go elsewhere to avoid the National Enquirer.