No. Ran across a few wardens who just asked us to sink them and said thanks for eliminating a few. Have shot thousands of pounds of them with a bow in tournaments. The tournament fish were given to crawdad farmers though.
Awesome man, I love to chase carp on the fly. No need for corn though. I could see why with the kids involved though. Next time just kill them and pop the swim bladder with a knife and sink to the bottom out in the middle of the lake, the other fish and crawdads will thank you.
They are a trash fish and they want you to kill them. Lots in the snake river and moses lake
I came across this a while back and gotta say it sounds kinda fun.

Why in the hell you would needlessly kill them, and then throw them on the bank, or in a park somewhere to rot and stink escapes me.

For one, threw it on shore for kids to ay with for 15 min had 20 kids down there and then threw it back in the water. Its a freaking carp. Are you kidding me. OMG. You guys are pathetic.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
I view carp as incredibly-challenging & hard-fighting fly-fishing quarry. Personally, I don't kill them but if that were my intent I'd do just that: kill them quickly & cleanly. Then I'd either find some beneficial use for the remains or dispose of the carcasses in an ethical manner, not toss them ashore to suffer or provide entertainment for my kids. I've always preferred to teach positive lessons.
My brother spent nine years in Germany while in the military. We've often talked about fishing for Carp and what he tells me about them is quite different from what I have read here. Carp are considered a food fish there. I guess when you go to a street fair or something similar, "Carp on a stick" is readily available and eaten regularly sort of like a corn dog here. While I'm not probably going to try it, some people consider it to be fine table fare. They can be poached in foil and the skin and bones removed, then eaten and I've heard it can be tasty if treated correctly.

In reality, I will fish for them and release them just as any other fish. I have to agree that if you are going to kill them that it should be quick and humane, even if they are a trash fish in some people's minds. There is never a reason to dispose of any fish or animal in an inhumane manner. But some people have been raised differently. Hopefully, the author of this post will reconsider after suffering the flames on the forum.
I've heard it's pretty good, boning them is the hard part. Why they are considered "trash" piques my interest. Because they are bottom feeders? So are Halibut, crab, sturgeon. Any ever canned (to remove the bones) and smoked Shad; it's delicious, one of the best, yet 95% of anglers will not touch them.