Cascade Mountain River Outing, hike and wade day trip

Brad Niemeyer

Old School Member
Hike and wade day trip to a beautiful cascade river. Let's call it "rock river". The hike-in part was complicated by a missed fork in the trail:beathead:. Bushwhacking back to the river trail caused a significant delay and many bruises and scratches:rofl:. We did meet a deer in the woods (see pic):)

The river was high but clear. A couple 9 inch rainbows were hooked on small dry flies near the base of the falls. We scrambled down river to a nice long pool. I landed a very healthy slab of a cutthroat on a stimulator at the head of the pool. At 13.5 inches, the fish fought with head shakes and a broadside to the current strategy.

My fishing buddies each hooked a few 11 inch rainbows, crossing the river and approaching the pool from below. These fish ran out line and jumped. The fish rose to dry flies, not sure of the pattern ( elk hair caddis?)

Further downstream a few more fish (around 10") were hooked but not landed. It was very difficult to move into decent casting position with the high fast water and slippery jagged rocks everywhere. The faster sections seemed to not hold trout. This river has a healthy trout population... but proves frustrating, as access is very difficult. Lower water would help a little.

PM me if you are looking for more specific details.
Beautiful pics! I like the name, Rock River :cool: nice touch. Best places are normally the hardest to get to, but the gratification of the catch always over rides the struggles getting there.