Cascade River Float

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    After much research, myself and a friend floated the Cascade River. We put in at Forest
    Service Road 1550 and took out at the MarbleCreek Campground. This was an all day float.
    The gradient was gentle and we fished the many log jams, undercut bank etc. CFS levels
    were around 366. Water visibility was crystal clear. We observed many Coho and Chinook,
    some on redds. We hooked up with some Bull Trout but all were under 12 inches. Streamer
    patterns worked well though we also used a dropper system which also caught a few fish.
    Stealth tactics were a must because of the bright, clearwater conditions. Water temp hovered
    around 50-52 degrees F. There are currently two significant portages. Both located on the lower
    third section. One in particular required us to portage the boats over an oxbox on river right that was
    250 yards long. I was rowing a 10.5 ft Scadden pontoon and occasionaly had to get out and
    walk the boat through skinny water. An 8ft pontoon with less draft would be ideal at above
    flows. Hope the attached files work.