Casting Distances: Every Caveman Needs a Chance to Beat His Chest

So though I'm starting this thread, I in no way think of myself as even a good caster. In fact I am aware that I sorely need some proper training:ray1: (as most of us do). But now that I've been casting a bit more than 2 years I'd like to sort of measure myself against a wide range of other casters, either to promote a new sense of urgency in getting those lessons, or to cause myself to feel a little more confident about my abilities. But the biggest reason is because I'm sitting waiting for the rivers to drop, and would like to instigate some good ol' chest beating here in the forum.ptyd

But here are the rules. Simply post/brag about how far you can cast. List the rod weight, and line type. Ideally, to get more comparable results, try to keep the rods single handed, 4-7 weights under 10', using a floating or at least intermediate line, not a shooting head or other such line. Don't include the length of your leader or rod or arm or neck or anything like that.

Oh ya and keep it honest :rofl: Please add less than 5 ft to your cast :D

I'll start with an un-intimidating number. Under good conditions, using my 8.5' 5wt rod with WF-F 5wt line, I can put about 50 feet out of my rod tip (I measure by looking at the diagram of the lines taper SA provides). Probably my longest cast ever was no more than 60'. Most of the time though my casts are 35' or less due to wind, space, stupidity, desire for consistency, accuracy, big flies, etc...

Let the games begin.:)


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The absolute longest I have ever cast was with my Orvis Trident 4pc. 5wt. 9 footer with a cheap SA AirCel line. I had 85 ft. of line out of the reel, so do the math and subtract the 9 ft. of line held up in the rod and I come up with a good 76 ft. I don't think I could ever duplicate that cast.

Richard E

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I assume you're talking about one-handed rods, with standard lines . . .

I think you'll find that folks who can air out some decent casts won't give out their numbers.


Trout have no politics
You're probably right. I still cannot figure out how I managed to fling that much line. The most I usually throw is 40 ft. if needed. In the situations I fish you rarely need to make casts more than 25 or 30 ft.
Alright I'll humor ya Jrly. I'll preface with, I am self-taught except a single session in the back yard with ex-step-grandpa - he also taught me to tie in an afternoon. The most line I've thrown, don't know the length (but someone reading this will certainly), threw the full line on my 9 1/2' 7 wt st croix legend ultra with rio multitip, floating tip attached - I worked until the backing was at the rod tip and just stopped doing that :p And it was hard, I probly looked like hell doing it. :hmmm:
Dang perhaps I overestimated the testosterone level on this forum... Oh well. Or perhaps you guys have found rivers that have dropped and aren't telling me.


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I can cast from where I'm standing all the way to the fish that I caught.

The other day, that was about 12 feet.

Ed Call

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Fourteen feet, running start, one handed rod with two handed toss. Seriously though I have no idea. What I can tell you is I can get more line out on my 8wt than my 5wt than my 3wt but regardless of which rod the fish are always out of my humble reach. Probably 50-55 with the 8wt, 45 with the 5wt and 30-40 with the 3wt if there is no wind when using the 3wt, otherwise it probably drops to about 20.


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Richard won't toot his own horn, but I've seen him at flyfishing shows in the pond throw to 90 feet regularly; and he can probably hit 100 if there was $$ on it.